February 19 baby horoscope

Taureans are usually kind, loving, determined and quite stubborn. Taureans are patient and can be very artistic and creative.

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They love to live with routine and order and hate mess. They are willing to wait to achieve their objectives and are hard workers.

They are approachable and friendly but often secretly worry about their health. They love to achieve a peaceful and uneventful life. Whilst usually passive, they can by destructive and powerful if anyone tries to cross them. Taurean babies are very determined and can be quite stubborn and greedy. If your baby decides not to co-operate, there is no point pursuing the task at hand. This stubborn quality will often be evident at a very early age.

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Although very determined, Taurus babies are often very quiet and usually settle easily. Taurus generally promotes good health, and you baby may be quite robust. Taurean babies are usually very loving and the love to have a routine which all babies should and be close to you. Temper tantrums are rare, only usually emerging when your baby has decided that something is unacceptable.

February 19th Zodiac

They also thrive on consistency. Taurean babies may be late to crawl, but as all babies are unique individuals, they will achieve milestones in their own time. Taurean toddlers may be late to walk, but this can be their well known laziness. Your toddler will be developing a fascination with the world. There is so much to do and see, and their co-ordination is often well developed. A little encouragement may be required if you feel there is a lack of confidence.

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Establishing contact with other children may take extra time to establish. Taurean toddlers often develop rapport with children of the opposite gender. Your toddler is kind and loving mostly, but can display a temper if removed from an activity they enjoy. In order to feel secure, Taurean toddlers need and want a clear routine. This toddler is destined to become physically fearless eventually.

Gemini is the astrological sign originating from the constellation of gemini and is an air sign. Gemini is considered to be compatible with the other air signs of Libra and Aquarius. Gemini is the zodiac sign represented by twins. They are mentally motivated and always busy with a constantly moving body.

Usually good talkers who get on with most other people. They love to multi task and want to understand every part of life. Whilst sometimes doubtful and difficult to understan, they are also enquiring and changeful. Your Gemini baby will be lively and active from day one, and setting a routine may prove to be quite a challenge.

You may be very tired parents after the first few weeks. They love to take in everything that is going on around them. Your baby will enjoy being around other people, and may want to feed frequently. Music may be a good choice as a settling strategy. Gemini toddlers are naturally inquisitive. Lots of contact with other children will be appreciated and helps to build early relationships. Often the Cancer nature is quiet and reserved but friendly. Cancer is intuitive and quick thinking, but tend to stay in the background.

Cancerians are artistic and creative, can be very adventurous and love to travel especially by water. They usually love music and literature and have a deeply retentive memory with an above average intelligence. If this is not so, it will be due to other influences in the zodiac chart overruling those of the crab. Cancer usually creates contented babies who love affection and thrive on periods of close personal contact to make them feel secure.

If they are in your company and feel loved, they will usually not be over demanding. Your Cancer baby may feed often and rapidly gain weight.

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The first few days after birth may be difficult as your baby adjusts to life outside the womb and to establishing routines, but once mastered you should have no further issues. Your Cancer toddler will be quiet by nature but inquisitive, and may be adventurous on occasions. Mixing with other children may be difficult at first, often preferring the company of parents and siblings.

Naturally protective, your Cancer toddler will take some responsibility. Routines are easily established, and although they do not always seek it, they do require lots of stimulation.

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Leo is a fire sign represented by the lion and ruled by the planet Sun. They are fearless and powerful. They are persistent, intelligent and philosophical.

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  • Leo babies are good feeders who usually will increase their weight easily. Being naturally alert and anxious to look at everything, sleep might be a challenge. Lots of attention will be needed as well as being close to parents.

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    Leo babies are happy and robust with the odd minor health issue presenting. They thrive on love and attention from immediate and extended family. Naturally a show off and loves attention. Born leaders, they like to be wiser than the rest of us. Leo toddlers can be exhausting but give back much pleasure. Virgo is an Earth sign and the sixth sign of the zodiac. It is represented by the virgin and ruled by the planet Mercury — the messenger of the gods. Virgoans are modest, usually neat and often extremely fastidious.

    They have a somewhat reserved nature, are good communicators and often are skilful writers and story tellers. Sometimes having quite a temper but a not the sort to get into a fight, instead prefering to talk their way out of any confrontation. Often looked upon as being cold and unapproachable, they are actually difficult to understand. The Virgo baby is alert and wants to learn as much as possible about the world and as quickly as possible.

    Virgoan babies are like little psychologists who know exactly how to push your buttons. Your baby may be a little slow at reaching milestones, but will soon catchup. Your baby will have quiet a stubborn streak. May sleep alot during the day and be wakeful overnight. Your Virgo toddler has a mixture of potentials and possibilities. May still be slower than others at reaching some milestones, this may be due to laziness. Virgo toddlers are quick learners and will need plenty of intellectual stimulation. Very steady on their feet and learn to play with other toddlers at an early age.

    Libra is represented by the scales, the only inanimate object of the zodiac. Libra is an air sign and is ruled by the planet Venus.