Karmic astrology chart free

Either way your chart will be read based upon the Labors of Hercules.

Find out what your Labors are in this lifetime. These lines and the symbols that they create are as unique as your fingerprint and belong to you alone! They will resonate with a profound truth deep within your soul.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, you will have definite karmic reactions to specific civilizations. Study these symbols as they guide you in your pursuits and talents.


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Maybe they will help explain some inner quirks, dreams or desires. Beautifully presented in the exact mathematical arrangement of the planets at the moment of your birth. Enjoy these images and let them inspire you, reminding you of your spiritual history on this planet. The power of the Kabala is combined with our spiritual Tarot Cards to produce a powerful reading.

Now you can read the messages with our Taroballah Kit! The ZodiacAnswers are in your hands!

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Your birth date is the map to your soul number. This is the number you should have around you for luck and guidance. Each number carries with it certain affirmations that will help you get through the day.

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Just enter your birth information and the calculations appear before your eyes! You can order a Destiny, or Prayer Card as an affirmation of your soul number.

Karmic Astrology and Karma Expression through a Person’s Life

Or wear our designed Tarot pendant as a reflection of your number and you! As soon as it is propelled to function in usable and good manner, person is replenished and can move forward. Quality understanding of higher energies Karmic position is a key of self-development. Visible dosage of negative energy, forwarded before to surrounding, can be cleared from useless energy patterns of past and obsolete spiritual principles.

That benefits to people around us as much as to ourselves. Effects of Karmic work are more evident in youngest years. In first years of life person is very much determined by condition of its home rules and is under great influence of mother figure. Here we can find 4th house as area where first Karmic roles and events would emanate.

Karmic Astrology

As person starts its development, emotional outfit presented by Moon position dictates many early relations. When person starts to exploit first talents, Node elements and their gift of channeling unconscious are starting to affect person, mostly when profession is going to be chosen. Saturn, however, slowly shows its influence during every listed period.

House were Saturn is positioned is usually plagued with notorious obstacles and hardship. Years around Saturn's natal return, around 29th year from birth, are known to be as crucial in formation of mature personality as family, workplace and social position are rounded at this time.