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Truth in Aspect Astrology. Venus inconjunct Mars in synastry--The styles do not match. The expectations regarding sex and pleasure are just very different. How the Venus expects to be satisfied and how Mars wants to satisfy are not the same. This leads to sexual misunderstandings and often impotence.

The energy is very exotic in the beginning and there is a pull to try something and someone new. Over time- and not much time has to go by to see the difficulties associated with this aspect to show up- the couple finds they don't satisfy each other. Their expressions glance off of one another. There is a sense of not being understood or appreciated and this leads to feelings of guilt or shame.

This kind of environment does not help the male's confidence and erodes the female's self esteem. Neither partner is wrong or perverted unless they are --they just desire differently.

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Inconjuncts between IMPORTANT points in synastry...

The couple must agree to both come WAY out of their comfort zones to please the other. This aspect creates a direct and easy communication between the two planets. It increases the power between them. This aspect creates good communication between the two planets. Although it is not as strong as Conjunction, it is still an easy aspect to have, which means there is a good relationship between the two planets.

This aspect is similar to Trine, but it is weaker. It, too, makes the flow between the planets easier. This is the hardest aspect to have.

The astrology of world affairs, human evolution, the future, and the state of the universe.

The two planets have a difficulty getting along. It is very powerful, so it creates a lot of conflict between them. There is little or no communication and understanding. This aspect creates a conflict between the two planets at a weaker strength than Opposition. There is difficulty with communication and understanding.

The Sun represents the ego. The Moon represents emotions. Mercury is the planet that represents thoughts. Venus is the planet that represents love. Mars is the planet that represents action, anger, and passion.

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Jupiter is the planet that represents encouragement and luck. Saturn is the planet that represents discipline and responsibility. Uranus is the planet that represents freedom and independence. Neptune is the planet that represents inspiration. Pluto is the planet that represents transformation.

The Ascendant or Rising sign represents the public image.

Aspects in Astrology: The Inconjunct or Quincunx

The Sun is in direct contact and a good relation with Mercury. The Moon is in good contact and understanding with Saturn. The Sun is in contact and an easy flow with Mars. Mars has a difficult contact and understanding with Neptune. The Sun and Moon in the natal chart are held in high importance as they describe the core components of ones personality in regards of how they identify themselves in life, the life role they play and how they care for others and themselves and their internal core reactions to the world around them as well as what that need to survive. The Sun being the centre of our universe is what holds all the planets in a contracted orbit due to its size and magnetic force.

It is the source of light ands warmth, and with that, it brings life. In astrology, the Sun is then essentially our core, our sense of self and how we centre ourselves. It is the part of the personality that can not be affected or taken away from us, though its expression can be negatively or positively channeled based on the aspect is receives to other planets in the chart a. The Sun sign describes ones basic sense of individuality, how they chose to express themselves, how they identify themselves and the actions one does to accumulate a sense of self.

When one is recognised for their self expression, a sense of joy and happiness if often the result for the appreciation and sense of validation for the way one expresses themselves. Sometimes the core qualities of the Sun sign is rejected due to a heavy affiliation of ones other signs in the chart, especially in regards to the Moon sign which much more personal as it reflects our natural response to the Sun. This is the most common reason for the disbelief in astrology as only the Sun sign is known of though it only describes how we project ourselves NOT how we feel, which is the moon.

The Sun in the chart essentially shows how we distinguish ourselves as an individual in the collective 5th house vs 11th house. The purpose of the ego is to serve as a conscious aspect of source that allows it to establish itself as an individual to interact with different aspects of itself, aka, other people.

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An over inflated ego will express excess qualities of their Sun sign, thus making the person more replying to others, while someone with low self-esteem will express lower expressions of their sun sign, often looking for an external person to meet to allow them to validate themselves through interaction. The Sun Sign will often look for another person that contains the opposite sign in its lower vibration to balance itself.

Example: A Virgo Sun with Low self-esteem will want to validate their sense of self for their need to be of service and practicality. A healthy expression of the Virgo ego would to act in service by doing something they enjoy. Perhaps it may be working at an ideal job, or setting up a self-made service simply to be of service to people by doing something they are passionate about, without expectations of gratification of their help.

In expressing a healthy ego, the natural repercussions if to receives gratification and admiration from others because the natural self expression of your Sun sign is magnetic. Ultimately, a healthy expression of the ego is highly fulfilling and rewarding and can benefit your self-esteem and also attract admiration and acceptance just by being yourself - Shine your light! Hey, would you be able to list the square and inconjunct signs? So what are the square and inconjunct signs for Aries and then Taurus and so on? They just get in the way.

I can explain everything important in your chart by just using major aspects. But you do you. Planets determine the orbs. When it comes to smaller objects asteroids they determine the orb again. Which is 3 degrees.

Synastry – shining a light on the Sun

The luck from Jupiter brings goodness to almost all the aspects, in the case of Moon - Jupiter, it will be blessings to the inner side of the native. If you have a hard aspect that is causing you stress, look to Jupiter to clear those issues. Moon conjunct Jupiter Extremely favourable aspect.

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