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Every thought that comes into your head over the coming year must be judged according to the facts, and fantasy thinking must be banished altogether. A showdown of some kind is likely today and it is of the utmost importance that you do not back down.

If you do it will give your rivals and enemies the impression that you can be cowed into submission. You may enjoy taking the opposite view to most other people but you must also expect some kind of backlash.

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You do some of your best work under pressure and the work you do today will be out of this world. Looking back from the end of the year you will be grateful that you were forced to take a new path. Fortunately, with Jupiter moving in your favor again even setbacks will brings gains of one sort or another.

The situation you have to deal with today may be frustrating but if you knuckle down and apply yourself mentally you will find a solution that not only works but which you can apply quickly. If you let a rival on the work front do all the talking they will most likely end say something foolish and make you look good by comparison.

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By all means enjoy their discomfort — as they would if it was you on the receiving end. If something of a creative nature no longer seems to be making much progress it might be wise to leave it for a while. Chances are you have been trying too hard for too long and need to step back a bit so you can get a fresh perspective.

Pisces is also a mutable sign that's all about flexibility, so this season challenges you to open up to new ways of being and leave old patterns in the past.

Weekly Horoscope - Leo Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December,

Venus brings blessings to the relationship sector of your chart as it enters your opposite sign Aquarius, so good vibes come your way—not just in your romantic partnerships, but at work and in your artistic collaborations, too. Intellectual stimulation in your relationships is crucial to you, and Venus in genius Aquarius will bring you exactly that. But not all communication will move smoothly this month, thanks to Mercury retrograde in Pisces beginning on March 5—expect conversations and decisions that have been on the table since February 19 to be reviewed. Retrogrades are all about redoing and reconsidering, but they are also about relaxing.

Something that used to really freak you out prior to this Mercury retrograde may be healed, which is a wonderful thing!

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March 6 is a big day: Uranus enters Taurus, there is a new moon in Pisces, and the sun meets Neptune! This new moon is an ideal time to sit with your emotions and work through your issues—now is the time for closure, not just with exes but with yourself.

Your December 12222 Monthly Horoscope

The energy is especially creative and imaginative; however, things are so new right now that it can be confusing. A fresh start around a complex financial situation, like debts, taxes, or inheritances is here, and in your relationships, a new beginning for sex and intimacy is blooming. The sun connects with Saturn on March 9, creating a grounding energy and helping you get a handle on a tricky situation. Mars connects with Saturn on March 14, helping you chug along at work; this is a wonderful time to tackle your to-do list.

Mid-month is busy for Mercury: An important perspective arrives on March 14 when the sun meets Mercury. You will run into some know-it-alls, and even though they might be obnoxious, it would be wise to put yourself in their shoes. Mercury makes a few connections that find you thinking back to February 19 through February it clashes with Jupiter on March 14, connects with Pluto on March 16, with Mars on March 17, and with Saturn on Match Sorting through exaggerations to get to the truth of something, rethinking some commitments, and working through issues that may have been brushed off take place during this time.

The spring equinox arrives on March 20, with the sun entering fellow fire sign Aries!

Leo Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December, 12222

This is an exciting time for you to travel or study. Aries season is a great time for you to promote yourself or publish your ideas for the world to engage with. Libra is all about fairness and Aries want to go, go, go.