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Weaknesses : Escapist, unrealistic, submissive, lethargic, self-pitying, lacking boundaries, dependent and codependent.

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Sometimes Pisces can care a little too much. This means that they can get pulled into drama that they have no business being in. Oftentimes, they are also drawn to unpredictable circumstances and unstable people, hoping to lend a hand. Since their inner lives are so vivid and imaginative, they can sometimes become addicted to living inside their fantasies. In the worst circumstances, they can even find it difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality. Illusion can give them comfort and an easy way out of difficult situations.

Some born under this zodiac sign can be escapist, purposely running away from their problems instead of confronting them. They do not like to upset others and this can mean that making decisions is difficult for them to do. Their sensitivity means that they can get hurt easily. They need to take steps in order to protect themselves from those around them who seek to take advantage or who don't understand how deeply feeling they really are. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck.

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Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. It can initially be difficult to get to know a Pisces because they are quite introspective and closed off. They need a lot of patience; one has to give them time and space to work through their own feelings. They may find it difficult to deal with the more practical aspects of a relationship, trivial details not being their strong suit. Some partners may believe that they are being distant, when they are simply enjoying being with themselves and their own inner world.

Lovers of Pisces may also find it complex to understand Pisces as their style of communication is not always straight forward. Their sensitivity to others means that they often make caring and tender partners, sometimes bending over backwards in order to fulfill their needs while even neglecting their own.

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They innately feel the pain of others, especially their partner, and sometimes they seem to understand their lover more than they themselves do. Being impressionable too means that they need to be treated tenderly in return. Their feelings easily hurt, criticism by those that they love can leave them deeply wounded. Friends and family need to nurture a Pisces; they need a lot of encouragement and reminders, but they will reward this with by developing their creative passions as well as their loyalty and compassion.

They do spend time with family but like to have the opportunity to reflect and introspect. Being deeply impressionable, Pisces sometimes have a difficult time creating boundaries. Creating distance between some members of family and developing healthy boundaries can be essential for Pisces to do.

Pisces are very loyal and dedicated people. They are the types of people that will stay with the same job or company for decades, and can be the most trusted employees. Quiet workers, they do not share a lot of information which can make them seem self-absorbed, but they simply don't see a real need to share unless it is absolutely necessary.

Rising Signs: Pisces Rising

The flipside to their giving nature is that the oft-timid Fish are likely to be taken advantage of by less well-meaning souls. Are you a Pisces man or a Pisces woman? They can also be quite romantic, dreaming up delicious treats for their lover. Pisces are generally gentle, easy-going folk, who are on the shy and reticent side. They are modest to the point of impracticality, often stepping up only to show their talents in painting or music. Easiest for the Fish and still great fun is living in their lush dream world. More relaxation for the Fish comes in the way of sports, specifically water sports.

Once their mind is at ease, the Fish should focus on their feet, a frequent source of discomfort. Soothing comfort comes in a world colored in purple and soft white. When it comes to the game of love, Pisces are caring and romantic and a most creative mate. Find out more about the Pisces zodiac sign love compatibility. The great strength of the Pisces-born is their compassionate and charitable nature.

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  8. Intellectual : Pisceans are intelligent. They are always noticed for their intelligence and insight. Their approach towards life is very positive. They are hard working people in the work place.

    If they are sure about the goal and they can do anything to achieve it. They are often identified with their hard word and diligence. They often excel in their life, when they blend their creativity with their hard work.

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    Extravagant : Pisceans are wastrel. Whatever they do, they do not know how to limit themselves. They love to indulge in excess. But they want to impress others by their extravagance. Their helping nature has made them quite favorite with others. They are of easygoing and friendly disposition.

    Pisces Personality

    Pisceans are imaginative and therefore creative. They have the ability to look into a situation from both sides. Hence, they are more aware of the goods and bad of a situation than others. Pisceans are never egoists. They are flexible in their nature.

    21 Secrets Of The Pisces Personality…

    Strengths of a Piscean are:. Pisces is somewhat a passive sign. Although they are endowed with the great power of imagination they use their ability to create their own world of dream and avoid reality. When challenged, Pisceans will prefer to withdraw and avoid confrontation than supporting their views. They are malleable people and easily come under the influence of others. Hence, it is also most likely for Pisceans to come under negative influence easily.

    Weaknesses in a Piscean are therefore:. Pisceans are the dreamers of the zodiac chart. They create a world of imagination and spiritualism and live into it.