Libra astrology february 18

Spending free time with loved ones is always a priority for you, but it might be even more so now. From planned or impromptu brainstorms with colleagues to witty texting banter with your S.

What February's Libra Horoscope Means for You

All this intellectually stimulating activity might feel a bit frenetic at times, so making room for time-outs to focus on your wellness routine is wise. You can trust your intuition to inform your wildest dreams and most ambitious goals. From there, creating a step-by-step action plan that feels as exciting as it does achievable can propel you toward your next, winning chapter. Taking a time-out from the usual grind to make room for intense meditation and self-reflection might feel exactly right while the sun moves through your twelfth house of spirituality during Libra season.

February 2020 monthly horoscope

Even if you just need more sleep than usual, or time spent close to home, focusing on your favorite creative outlet can benefit your mind and body. Spending time working out at group fitness classes or collaborating on team projects can feel especially satisfying and productive now, Sagittarius.

Libra Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope February 18-25 2019

You might also be inspired to find new communities and connections to bond with. Now is a moment for higher-ups to commend all your dedicated work.

Aries (March 20-Apr. 19)

It seems you so desperately want to be a winner that you will do almost anything to be the first one to get over the finishing line. Be careful.

February 18th Zodiac

The planets warn if you use underhand methods you are sure to be found out — and disqualified. A full moon in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus warns you must not take foolish risks, especially when travelling or otherwise on the move.

Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of the directions from which trouble might come. You may have cash to spare at the moment but the planets warn it will drain away quickly unless you limit how much you allow yourself to spend.

Monthly Horoscope: Libra, February - VICE

Do you really need those latest gadgets and gizmos? Certain people will try to make life difficult for you today but they will only succeed if you allow yourself to get angry. If, on the other hand, you stay calm and treat it all as a joke then they are the ones who will look bad.

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The dates used by Mystic Meg for each sign are below. Libra's sign is scales - which is fitting as Librans are fascinated by balance and symmetry. They possess an air of intelligence, which charms others and makes them enjoyable people to be around.

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With their love of balance and order also comes a complete intolerance for chaos and mess - Libras are often perfectionists. As they are ruled by Venus, they are like magpies and have an eye for expensive and beautiful things.