Libra and libra love astrology

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Libra is going to be your most exciting year so far! Despite increasing family responsibilities, in you'll want to get more involved with projects and improve your position at work. In love, great changes await you, although they could lead to painful sacrifices. The stars have prepared an amazing year for the Libras zodiac sign for more exclusive information on your yearly predictions, read your Libra horoscope Libra horoscope Libra horoscope Libra Yearly horoscope insights by month Libra predictions for Libra Horoscope Take life by the horns!

Libra horoscope Libra, discover your love destiny in !

Libra Personality Traits

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Libras In Relationships

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Libra Love Horoscope 12222

Months of What's in store for Libra? Astrology rating:. Your relationship will be put to the test. Watch out for mood swings.

March Tension is bringing you down. Love is boosting your energy. But once Libras learn to do this, they unlock the key to having happy, long-lasting relationships. Keep reading for the inside scoop on the general Libra personality, how they behave in love relationships and which zodiac signs are their best matches!

Libra-Libra Compatibility

Libra is a cardinal sign which means they are initiators and are not afraid to go after what they want. Libra shares a ruler Venus with earth sign, Taurus. Venus is the planet of love and beauty and this is very much a part of the libra personality. This coupled with the fact that Libra rules the 7th house in astrology, which is a relationship house, makes them the most co-dependent sign in the zodiac.

Libra Love Chart

Of course not all Libras are co-dependent. We all have a natal chart that gives more specific insight to our personalities. But many Libras need to be around and feel connected to people. Libras are diplomatic and fair and can see both sides of a situation. They hate being put in a position to pick a side and probably never will. They love harmony and are happiest when everyone seems to be getting along. They are one of the most thoughtful, caring and loving signs in the zodiac and will give their all to the people they love. The problem is that not everyone deserves this love and Libras can be taken advantage of, especially early on in their lives.

One of the lessons for Libras to learn in life is self-worth and independence which helps them to be an even better partner in the long run.

Libra is one of the nicest signs in the zodiac so they may feel inclined to just go along with what their partner or date wants to do. And until they are able to make themselves happy, they will never truly be able to make their partner happy. This is a common conundrum that Libra faces. It takes a lot to get Libra mad, mainly because they are so level-headed. This can be both a gift and a curse because on one hand, it keeps them from over reacting but it can also keep them from standing up for themselves when they need to.

And once they do finally stand up for themselves, it may happen as a blow up which they may later regret.

Everything You Need To Know About The Libra In Your Life | Thought Catalog

Another lesson for Libra to learn from relationships is to love people for their heart and not their outward appearance. Because Libra is ruled by beauty planet Venus, they are enamored with beautiful things, including people. This can cause them to date partners based on looks vs.

And because Libra is a social air sign, they can be ok with staying in a surface level relationship for longer than they should. They are catering, understanding and romantic.