Horoscope sign for february 28

They need to feel that things have meaning and serve something in the future, or they won't hold on the them. Their purpose seems to be to determine if certain emotions have a purpose of their own, and to teach others about what they love.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Emotional world of a person born on February 28th isn't a peaceful place to reside in. Just as much as their predecessors are stressed, they will be pushy and instinctive in the oddest of times and situations. Their emotional world needs to be nurtured and cherished, or their intimate life becomes a series of hurtful experiences that make them angry.

Sexuality plays a big part of each bond they form in this lifetime, and they will find attraction to be more of a curse than a guiding light in many cases. Still, if they don't follow through, frustration will grow, and aggression will manifest in the strangest of ways and in sensitive relationships.

They need a partner who will constantly keep them on their toes, but still love them unconditionally, or they will simply get bored. Conflict must become a natural part of their routine.


February 28 Birthday Horoscope

Still, it needs to stay constructive and truly lifechanging or it simply joins the overall frustration driven from discontent and lack of initiative. A person born on the 28th of February excels in everything that needs to be done fast, but also needs to be seen for who they are by their superiors to not be exploited. They will build intimacy quickly and burn out just as fast, learning about their limitations all the time. Their main fields of interest need to be nurtured on a daily basis through sports and exercise, so they can truly shine and be magnificent in matters of teaching, philosophy, higher education, travel, and spreading of optimism, faith, or religion.

Rubellite, or pink tourmaline, is a stone that helps individuals born on February 28th to find grounding while holding on to awareness of Universal Love. It is a stone that connects one's heart chakra to planet Earth, resonating with the root chakra as well, and gives strength to the heart while pouring tenderness into instinctive deeds.

Birthday Horoscope February 28th

It is a stone of attraction and love, there to teach about the power of emotion. If the world seems like a rough place to be in, rubellite helps discover inner strengths to face its challenges. A birthday gift for a person born on this date should bring sensitivity to something sharp or rough. To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak. A work or social group is waiting for an answer and someone special is now free and eager to get closer.

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This pushes you to break free from relationships that have grown stale in your head or your heart. Venus in your heart chart turns up the heat in love, and lucky partners bask in your loving warmth. The best ambitions for you are not the most obvious, so take time to let your mind drift away from the path others may have chosen for you. Your learning zone lights up with potential and pushes you towards a path that is steep but satisfying.

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Focus on life goals but make romantic goals, too. You may finally get a breakthrough in assistance either with the help of a mentor or coworker, and this can give you an idea of how blessed you are.

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  • Where you felt restricted or constrained due to lack of opportunities, room to grow opens. Maybe even let others know that you are ready for changes, and open to have fun, love more, and let go of the past. In relationships, especially with people you collaborate with at home or through friends, you may find yourself in taking the lead.


    Your desires, especially with how you feel passion and love for a great career come forward. Your career sets to take a different direction, but one that you have skills to match the new responsibilities. When you have to put love on the back burner for the sake of a greater vision don't beat yourself up.

    There's time for everything during its season. Plan something simple and let yourself be free to see it as fun not a chore. There's a change in the direction particularly around work and professional developments that can impact your romance life, too. Set your intentions and use this time to your advantage.