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I just discovered a truly priceless website where you can search for books in any category, including astrology books, and download them to your computer and print them out, too, for free. You can search, for example for terms like Astrology or Synastry, or the name of any Classical book or author, e.

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You do have to register at no charge and after finding books, be sure to click on the Download tab and select the PDF format, so that the texts will be properly formatted for reading easily. You can log on to this website by clicking here.

Another source of free astrology books! The Internet continues to astound me. In addition to the scribd. Notice at the top of the page shown -- after you click on the link above -- indicates "Full view only".

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I chose that option because the other two options either link you to books you have to purchase or only show you short previews. If you click on any book link, you can download it as a PDF file and read it at your leisure on your own computer. As a Hellenistic astrologer he was atypical in that he rejected some elements of the typical Hellenistic system and sought a naturalistic explanation for astrology, rather than one based on signs.

In the fourth century CE, Firmicus Maternus wrote one of the most important works of natal astrology of the Hellenistic era.

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The English translation by Jean Rhys Bram is not without its defects, due primarily to the fact that the translator was not an astrology. Maternus is significant for his cookbook-style listing of example delineations for factor combinations. What might it mean to have Saturn in the 9th house during the day, as opposed to at night? Maternus will give you his opinion on some indications. This large work of 8 books is sure to give any astrologer a lot to work with in natal astrology.

Also available for free online is an English translation of the Treatise of the Fixed Stars by Anonymous of click here. The treatise is the most notable ancient text on the effects of the fixed stars. Those who wish to study the effects of the fixed stars from a Hellenistic standpoint will not be let down by this text. The fixed stars were primarily used for judging eminence, character, and chronic illness. While there are many techniques for judging eminence in ancient astrology, bright fixed stars in prominent places such as conjunct the Moon or an angle, provide the strongest indications.

Perso-Arabic astrologers of the early Middle Ages continued to incorporate bright fixed stars in their approaches to eminence. Serapio is a Hellenistic astrologer from about the 1st century CE whose works are mostly lost.


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A nearly complete set of definitions survives from him. The last page of his manuscript is lost to history. However, note that the definitions are from a late Byzantine compilation and are known to contain additions and alterations from the Middle Ages. Click here to access the translation. The text is notable because it is an early text in the Hellenistic tradition and explicitly defines key parts of the system. For instance, Serapio marks out which houses are malefic and which are benefic. An even more influential early set of definitions is attributable to Antiochus of Athens.

Holden also published a translation of Rhetorius the same year.

Ancient Astrology: The Lost Books of Bhrigu

While an excellent translation of Dorotheus emerged in by Ben Dykes image below , the older Pingree translation is partially available for free. She has stated her intention to make all five books available so stay tuned to the page for updates. This is a pivotal text but I position it near the bottom of this list as only 3 of the 5 books are freely available at this time. It has 4 books on interpreting charts of birth time natal astrology.


Dorotheus is perhaps the astrologer with the greatest influence on Perso-Arabic astrology. In addition to containing important natal astrology, he is the source for original Hellenistic electional astrology.

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His rules for electional astrology also form the foundation for the later practice of horary astrology.